Dirt to $ Cropping Challenge 2.0

The DIRT to $ Cropping Challenge was a concept developed by Southern DIRT to provide a unique opportunity for members, sponsors and the wider community to create a syndicate with a difference. Making a comeback in 2017, the completion is scheduled to run for three consecutive years. At the end of each rotation yield and profits are calculated on a basis of a 50 Ha paddock with an overall winner announced at the closure of the final rotation.

About Dirt to $ Brochure

DIRT to $ Nomination Form

 Entries open now 

Team requirements

  •  Choose a current, commercial variety of Canola for 2017
  •  Select a sowing rate
  •  Choose sowing time
  •  Decide on the option to conduct a soil test analysis
  •  Design a fertiliser program
  •  Decide on the option to apply lime to improve soil health for the following rotation
  •  Nominate a herbicide spray program, both pre-emergent and post-emergent
  •  Decide on grain marketing strategies

Competition rules

  • The cost of the optional soil test will be taken off the gross margin
  • All plots will be harvested at maturity


  • To encourage the learning and sharing of new products and techniques
  • To compare district practice with alternative management strategies
  • To provide the opportunity for Southern DIRT members, sponsors, other Growers and the wider community to interact with like-minded industry peers
  • To provide members, sponsors and other growers with the opportunity to participate in an industry focused team building exercise
  • To give young agriculture students and farmers a ‘hands on’ experience growing and marketing a crop


Southern Dirt’s new Cropping Challenge 2 is now open for team participation. Contact us for further details.

Southern DIRT would like to acknowledge and thank Dominic Laurino for the land we are using and the Katanning Shire for their support.

Thank you to all of the teams for accepting the challenge and being involved with Western Australia’s first Cropping Challenge. There has been great interest in the competition and Southern DIRT looks forward to your continued involvement as we commence a new rotation of the competition.

An information brochure is downloadable at the top of this page or email ceo@southerndirt.com.au for more information.